kwanyin 035 颜峻 yan jun – at

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 200 copies; 2010



it’s not important that express an ego, neither result of a work. rather design a system of instrument and let it sound itself. it’s not important to perform but listen.
each tiny change will influence the sound within this system: sound feedback instruments (microphone, speaker cones…), PA speakers, space, audience and performer himself.

长度 length:48’19
设计 design:阮千瑞 Ruan Qianrui
母带处理 mastered by:宇波拓 Taku Unami

曲目 track list:
01, at 2Kolegas (12’53)
02, at Art World office (16’17)
03, at Espai Jove BocaNord (excerpt, 6’43)
04, at UCCA (12’27)


live recording during 2010 May – July. recorded from desk.