kwanyin 028 v.a. – 美术馆音乐 music for museum

2cd; 6-panel; 2008


这是 Céline Condorelli 与支撑结构策划的艺术项目。

Each track on this cd has been designed specifically for a museum space.and is to be played on loop in its corresponding space at low volume, below voice level. On one system, Music for museum is to be played on shuffle so as to include a necessary silence, programmed as tracks 5 and 9 (Tacet).
this is an art project by Céline Condorelli & Support Structure.

编选 compiling:颜峻 yanjun
母带处理 mastering:718
设计 design:Celine Condorelli

CD 1
1 颜峻 – 树和大堂的音乐 (15:35)
2 Isan – 画廊的音乐 (16:27)
3 718 – 卫生间的音乐 (15:00)
4 Isambard Khroustaliov – 书店的音乐 (12:59)
5 静默 (4:33)

CD 2
6 Zafka – 咖啡厅的音乐 (15:00)
7 718 – 办公室的音乐 (15:00)
8 718 – 放映厅的音乐 (13:04)
9 静默 (4:33)

CD 1
1 Yan Jun – Music for Trees & Lobby (15:35)
2 Isan – Music for Gallery (16:27)
3 718 – Music for Bathroom (15:00)
4 Isambard Khroustaliov – Music for Bookshop (12:59)
5 Tacet (4:33)

6 Zafka – Music for Cafe (15:00)
7 718 – Music for Office (15:00)
8 718 – Music for Cinema (13:04)
9 Tacet (4:33)


Isambard Khroustaliov aka Icarus

颜峻 Yan Jun


celine condorelli / support structure

review by Stephen Fruitman
Like Brian Eno’s ground-breaking but seldom-used “Music for Airports”, this two CD set was designed for play not only in a specific site – the museum – but in specific rooms in that structure – the lobby, gallery, bookshop, cafe, and even the bathroom. The printed instructions (again echoing Eno) make clear that the music should be played low, below the level of normal conversation, and that the CD player ought to be set on shuffle mode to include the “necessary” 4´33″ of silence appended as the closing track on each disc. This has to do with some kind of fuzzy conceptual tie-in with John Cage and his plans to sell “silence” to the Muzak Corporation.
Each track is about a quarter of an hour long. On the first disc, Yan Jun guides you through the tree lined walkway and into the lobby, which all sounds very much like wending your way through a gigantic wind chime ringing at random intervals. Coats hung up and guide books at the ready, we enter the main gallery where Isan provide an appropriately unobtrusive soundtrack that rises and judders at times, eventually becoming rather intrusive – but eminently listenable. The always delicious 718 create an exquisitly frothy backdrop to – the bathroom. Isambard Khroustaliov provides the final soundtrack, this one for the bookstore. Its tiny, telegraphic sounds sound like the neurons of the brain firing as interested customers peruse the content of the volumes on sale.
Disc two begins with Zafka, aka Zhang Anding, whose more freak-outable side playing with his improv collective The Wedding Beast can be heard on the challenging Kwan Yin collection “Noise is Free: Mini Midi 2008”. Zafka´s piece is so busily narrative compared to the others that it hits you like a blast of technocolour panavision at a black-and-white silent movie festival. But then again he has been given the task of soundtracking the cafeteria. Two more tracks by 718 bubble out of the deep blue sea, breach the surface and take to the air in a more customary ambient fashion.
A high concept album which surely would enhance the ambience of any exhibition space, while doubling for peaceful enjoyment at home.
718 and Zafka also appear on “Music for Shopping Malls”, but despite their exquisite efforts, I wonder if it is not Yan Jun whose inaptly named “4th Ring Shopping Killer” is not the sweetest piece of the seventy-odd minutes within. Concludes with four several short, idiosyncratic loops intended for repeat, extended play. Would that retailers would take the authors´ implicit advice and use them to replace the usual gloppy Muzak in our boutiques and shopping centres.