kwanyin 017 pei – 常态构图 normality envision

cd; paper sleeve + poster; 2007

微店; bandcamp


This is an album of soundscape, mostly recorded in the summer time of Taipei. What do we see ‘normality’ from a different scale? And how does it differ to a series of panorama from a same distance? What do we shared? There are two groups of pictures enhanced my questions as a habitant of Taipei and there has nothing fancy or chic within recording images. By isolating the actual recording locations to the represent pictures, I try to understand what had I been asking while head in cloud and feet on ground.

设计 | design:巧克力橙子、西西 | Choc-Orange and Xi Xi

曲目 track list:
01. 锄地 | Changing Root
02. 常态构图 | Normality Envision
03. 静响 | TW Ambience::
04. 夏晚霞 ept1 | Summer Sunset ept1
05. 夏眠 ept2 | Summer Nite ept2
06. 夏眠 ept3 | Summer Nite ept3
07. 夏趣 | Taifun Low
08. 阳明山草虫鸣 | Yang Ming Shan/Hidden Grass Bugs
09. 台风 | Typhoon


台北的声音艺术家PEI的这张唱片,是利用MD录音机收集的片段剪辑,大部分录制于夏日的台北。曲目都是一些粗糙的,未经处理过的原始录音,她以迥然不同的方式对这些声音进行粗糙的编辑。这些收录进去的声音包括蟋蟀的鸣叫,雷电,暴雨的声响以及其他听觉的瞬间 。
这些并置在一起的声音格外令人喜爱,而用来表现这一切的不是稚嫩的作曲方式。而是一种高度个人化的对声音的选择方式。事实上,听“常态构图 ”像是体验朋友的快照式的夏日之旅……。
–Nathan Budzinski(Wire,2008年第6期)

Resembling a scrapbook of snippets from a newly acquired Minidisc recorder, this album from Taiwanese sound artist Pei collects together recordings made mostly during a summer in Taipei. The tracks are rough and unprocessed recordings of a disparate array of sonic moments, edited in a harsh and uneven manner with most of the disc dedicted to crickets chirping, thunderstorms, rain and other aural ephemera.
At first, its selection of recordings seems banal, but on closer listen through headphones one can discern layers of sounds behind the lo-fi hiss. On several tracks, one can just make out the ghostly noises of people speaking, dogs barking, running water and the artist’s breath. There are several effective compositional moments, for instance splicing together the quick staccato sounds of children playing in a water park to the modulating sound of a car radio. Sharp transition in volume and proximity sometimes creates a shifting point of view, an effect that can be cinematic, and is admirable in its simplicity.
While the idiosyncrasy of the sounds and thier juxtaposition is endearing, it is a stretch to describe them as fully fledged compositions. Rather, the album is a collection of sounds selected and arranged in a highly personal way. Indeed, listening to “Normality Envision” can end up as the aural equivalent of experiencing a friend’s summer holiday snaps.
–Nathan Budzinski (Wire, June, 2008)