kwanyin 010 铁观音二重奏 – 杀不死的牛 tie guan yin duo – viva la vaches

cdr; paper sleeve; 2006

微店; bandcamp

2005年中秋节前,武权和颜峻在武权家现场录制。这是两个属牛的人向 fm3 乐队的专辑 Mort Aux Vaches(杀死所有的牛)打招呼的方式。
2007年,此专辑在柏林 Transmediale 艺术节展出。

Wu Quan with Yan Jun again. recorded at Wu Quan’s home studio, mid-autumn festival eve of 2005. this two year-of-ox-born musicians use this title to say hello to fm3’s Staalplaat album Mort Aux Vaches (kill all ox). a powerful studio improvisation which was lead by unknow force.
this album afterward attended Transmediale Festival 2007 in Berlin.

设计 design:武权 Wu Quan

曲目 track list:
1,杀不死的牛 Viva La Vaches

review by Stephen Fruitman
Half an hour of machine-like oscillations morphing into more sweetly-pitched ambient which then disintegrates into corrosive noise before turning back into a pleasing ambient drift which devolves back into the realm of noise….
And so it goes on this beautifully designed effort by the Tie Guan Yin Duo from Beijing. The duo, reports modern renaissance man Yan Jun, is Yan Jun himself and whomever he chooses to work with on a particular project. On this he is accompanied by Wu Quan, and the two do make a noise fraught with meaning together using laptops, iPods, feedback and other gizmos. I do believe I even detect the sound of a proper acoustic string instrument being plucked once or twice. The execution is immaculate and the drama absolutely palpable.
The title of the album is a play on the “Mort Aux Vaches” recording made a while back by the duo′s friends in FM3 for Staalplaat; hence the subtitle, “Hail to FM3”.