kwanyin 052 马尔泰·塔林格 – 真理,给聆听者的练习 martijn tellinga – truth, exercise for a listener

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 100 copies; 2014



performers: 阿鸣 Aming (double bass), 闫玉龙 Yan Yulong (violin) and 朱文博 Zhu Wenbo (clarinet)
recorded by 颜峻 Yan Jun at xp club, Beijing; March 27, 2014
mixed by Martijn Tellinga


the score for ‘truth, exercise for a listener’ comprises a catalogue of options for a musical performer. In four parts each focusing on a different facet of our faculty to listen, it offers open ended material for the performer to deal with; sounding actions, silent actions, still actions, moving actions, interpretative actions. All can be selected, combined, omitted or extended at will. Multiple exercises can happen simultaneously.
In a general sense the piece is an attempt to create a performance situation that instigates changes within and between the sound spaces we inhibit. Accordingly, it highlights listening as a process of continuously shifting perspective and forces such shifts with all listeners involved. Performers are instructed to actively engage with and -somehow methodically- measure, interpret, excite and derive cues from the acoustics and ambience of the different sections of a performance site.
Public performances of the piece can not be announced beforehand and when recorded, only with a handheld device. The recording engineer then becomes a performer, equally inquisitive and documenting the space(s) that he/she moves through.