kwanyin 044 颜峻 yan jun – v

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 166 copies; 2011



seconde release of Yan Jun’s feedback improvisation. mixer, pedal, speaker cone, objects. breath and body movement. intermission and blank.

01,V0 9’56
02,V1 5’20
03,V2 7’31
04,V3 3’45
05,VA 5’42
06,VOW 8’42
07,VS 3’05
08,VX 3’12

现场录音于2010年5月,Observatori 艺术节(西班牙,瓦伦西亚)

recorded in May 2010, Observatori Festival (Valencia, Spain)
edited in September 2011, Beijing
mastered by Taku Unami

感谢 | thanx: Rubén García,Zbigniew Karkowski,Lupei

review by Brian Olewnick:
Electronics as opposed to the field recordings of “Mars Tour Diary”. Quite varied, from wisps to thick torrents of sound, sometimes fading to icy near-silence, all engagingly handled. Unlike the above release, one gets a sense of a firm, underlying structure, of a reason for the sounds (however unquantifiable), implying substantial thought in their dispersal. Some really nice ultra-high frequency work as well in the last few cuts, frosting the room. Good work.