kwanyin 042 颜峻 – 昨日 yan jun – yesterday

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 50 copies; 2011



one of numerous Sunflower Seeds Projects since 2002. one hour of walking, cracking and recording in Today Art Museum.
please use it as muzak.

01,昨日 1:0:44 | Yesterday




recorded by Yan Jun (pm 9:03 – pm 10:04, 2nd floor of building no.1, Today Art Museum, Beijing)

My work “How To Eat Sunflower Seeds” joined “The Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints” during August 6th-19th in Today Art Museum. I provided sunflower seeds for audience. They crack them and throw the shells on floor.
As a follow-up, this CD, now will send to audience who left their contacts.
During the exhibition, the activity of cracking seeds and its tiny sounds are Other Things. In fact, from our sight of passion and will, everyday life has became Other Things as well. Once the Other Things return, the disruption, or infection, is tiny but long lasting.
The action of recording along in the museum is different to the previous exhibition. It’s based on a personal walking. I hope you use this CD as muzak. –Yan Jun

thanx: Li Fan, Qiao Qiao, Yao Baoguo (Jixiangli Dried Fruit), He Bin (exhibition recording) and staff and volunteers of Today Art Museum