Kwanyin 040 v.a. – 两个房间 two rooms

cdr+art 6 design work photocopy; mini kwanyin series; 25 copies; 2011


01,无题 4’13 (视觉设计:James Chu)
02,事故 2’26 (视觉设计:王葱)
03,无题 4’39 (视觉设计:谈云帆)
04,无题 4’12 (视觉设计:胡文渊)
05,浮 3’50 (视觉设计:Young)
06,一个怯懦者的静心曲 6’58 (视觉设计:张笑辰)
07,7007 14’35

第1-6轨:2011年8月22日下午,上海长乐路1035号W+K广告公司三楼某房间。声音源由颜峻随机选定,由参与者通过耳机听。使用Edirol R09便携式录音机。除第5轨外,均使用了接触式话筒。
第7轨:2011年8月20日凌晨,上海武定西路1085号,莫泰168酒店7007房间。颜峻录音。使用Edirol R09便携式录音机。


感谢:Samantha Culp(W+K 上海),老刘(苏州异托邦)

01, Untitled 4’13 (graphic design: James Chu)
02, Accident 2’26 (graphic design: Wang Cong)
03, Untitled 4’39 (graphic design: Tan Yunfan)
04, Untitled 4’12 (graphic design: Ryan Hu)
05, Floating 3’50 (graphic design: Young)
06, Calm Music of a Craven 6’58 (graphic design: Zhang Xiaochen)
07, 7007 14’35

This CDR is part of a workshop.
Track 1-6: afternoon, August 22, 2011. One room on the third floor of W+K Shanghai at No.1035 Changle Road Shanghai. Participants listen to live sounds randomly selected by Yan Jun via recorder. Recording device: Edirol R09 portable recorder. Contact Microphones are used throughout with the exception of track 5.
Track 7: early morning, August 20, 2011. Room 7007 Motel 168. No. 1085 Wuding Xilu, Shanghai. Recorded by Yan Jun with Edirol R09.
Pictures for Track 1-6: According to what they hear, participants name sounds and make vision design. This session is led by Ruan Qianrui.

Participants are mostly professional graphic designers or are currently studying the subject matter. This is an anti-commercial workshop, insisting that we do without goals, quit communications, and stop searching for meanings. We limit audio and visual materials within this room, and ask participants to listen to whatever they hear.
Properly speaking, participants are not making vision design for sounds they hear, but for their act of listening. They hear the details of this room, but more than that, in the act of listening, they re-create the room. Not only do they hear the sound object, but also they hear the movement of themselves as objects.
In the process of listening, the subject detaches from the self, both of which move towards dissolution. One not only listens to sounds of surroundings, but also to one’s self and to realities affected by the self.
In the process of listening, environment is no longer a separate object isolated from the subject. A room is more than a pure architecture, that is, a space to be measured. The sounds of and in a room are not objects like fruits or vases on display, waiting to be captured.
These participants have not yet learnt to be professional listeners, who often hold their breath, act quietly and pretend not to exist. They have not had the chance to try participating in the sound event, using their activities to affect realities captured by the recorder. They are in-between the two self-conscious states.
Track 7 is recorded while been half-asleep. Recorder is placed by the head of the bed, without monitoring.
In the workshop, we talked about spectacle and garbage heap.
The desire for a wonderful new world contributes to the prosperity of cosmetic and advertising industries. Every day, People are promised the other shore.
This enclosed room is our shell. What we hear is the self without meanings or goals. We are more vulnerable to vibrations than these architectures. These architectures never initiate sounds, like us.

translation from Chinese into English: Adel Wang Jing 王婧

thanx: Samantha Culp (W+K Shanghai), Lao Liu (Heterotopia, Suzhou)