kwanyin 034 奥拉夫·豪赫兹 – 修辞 olaf hochherz – tropoi

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 100 copies; 2010



very few sounds, generated by computer randomly, to awakening other sounds.
for listening in a home environment. will merge with the sound of your city-flat.

长度 length:52’28
设计 design:阮千瑞 Ruan Qianrui

note from artist:
tropoi the plural of trope. but trope doesn’t make much sense, when it’s singular. it’s a musical figure, a structure within composition, a rhetoric strategy, an element in an ontology without universals. a mode to say, there isn’t one, and there is even no idea. it’s not what it is like and it’s more than that. tropoi is tropes and not.