kwanyin 032 李增辉 – 水陆观音现场 li zenghui – live at waterland kwanyin

cd; digipak; 2009

微店; bandcamp


a self-invented experimental artist as represent of Chinese avant-garde. saxophone and voice. marvelous energy under extreme cold earth surface.
these recordings are from a series of Waterland Kwanyin shows. small screaming, small fighting, puncture of life.

设计 | design:阮千瑞 | Ruan Qianrui

曲目 | track list:
1. WK127-1 6’28
2. WK127-2 7’54
3. WK128-2 6’22
4. WK129 5’14
5. WK130-1 6’57
6. WK130-2 8’01
7. WK142-1 3’26
8. WK142-2 5’50

摄影 | photo:林盟山(场地提供:蓬蒿剧场) | Lin Mengshan at Peng Hao Theater
母带处理 | mastering>:段小林(好听录音棚) | Duan Xiaolin (Nice Tune Studio)
感谢 | thanks:史阳 | Shi Yang
链接 | link:

在这个现场录音的若干片段里,观众的闲谈声几乎盖过了可怜的李,他努力地尝试着,想要证实自己的能量,但看来是被完全忽略了。时间流逝着,情况变好了,有那么一段录音,里面傻逼的笑声,手机铃声和其他五花八门的冷漠忽略比较少一点,它定义了这个唱片里大部分的出色。这样,我们可以凝神于主角,他用一件乐器(萨克斯),加上人声和被描述为“微型戏剧”的玩意,来告诉我们关于他的一些事。这人不会成为下一个 Evan Parker,或者中国的 Alfred Harth,没错,但他拥有个性。尖啸,咕噜,微妙的上行穿刺,以及几乎听不见的振动和嘶嘶,这都是他的手法。所有这些,都已物尽其用。一种易于接受的强烈,帮助我们避免了倦怠。当然了如果能让这广泛的聆听者也能目睹增辉的动作,那会更好,因为CD没法让人知道他确切的身体动作,尽管,我们可以凭直觉猜到一些。总体的感觉是:他要比那些忽视了这场演出的聪明家伙们更有天赋。这成为一场搏斗。
——Massimo Ricci (Touching Extreme)

In several parts of this set the audience’s chatter almost overwhelms poor Li, who tries hard to affirm his energy but seems to be completely ignored. As the minutes flow, things get a little better and one is less distracted by silly laughs, cell phone tones and other assorted demonstrations of insensibility defining a good chunk of this disc. Thus we concentrate on the protagonist, who uses a single instrument (saxophone) plus voice and what’s described as “micro theatre” to tell us something about him. The man won’t be the next Evan Parker or a Chinese Alfred Harth, that’s a sure thing, yet he does own a personality. Squealing shrieks, gargling ‘n’ babbling elucubrations, subtly piercing upper partials and nearly inaudible quivers and hisses are all part of the recipe; everything is utilized without surpluses of sorts, a well perceptible intensity helping to avoid weariness. It would have been nice for this far-flung listener to see Zenghui in action directly, as the CD doesn’t give a correct idea of the physical actions, though a few intuitions can be gathered. The feel here is that he’s more gifted than the scarcely intelligent people who disregarded this performance. Make that “this struggle”.
— Massimo Ricci (Touching Extreme)