kwanyin 014 武权 – 打着伞在浮尘中站立 wu quan – support the umbrella to stand in dust that float float

cdr; paper sleeve; 2006


Wu Quan’s debut music album after his visual DVD and sound-visual DVD release on KwanYin Records.used some instruments insiede of computer. combined abstract sound and subtle layered musical elements. powerful moment among blank space, sounds floating into a colorful and dramatic dimension.

设计 design:武权 Wu Quan

1,东冠草 12’26 Dong Guan Grass
2,天气预报 05’02 Weather Forecast
3,一个假象 05’00 An Appearance
4,那一条鱼 02’30 That Fish
5,今日惊蛰 04’40 Jingzhe In Today
6,俩人的下午 11’44 Two Persons Totally A Time In Afternoon
7,打着伞在浮尘中站立 14’32 Support The Umbrella To Stand In Dust That Float Float

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