kwanyin 005 fm3zhang – 喘颂 breathing song

cdr; gatefold; 500 copies; 2005


fm3zhang, aka Zhang Jian, former keyborad player in bunch of rock bands and now found member of the acclaimed fm3.
This album is edited from his live recording in Tokyo, january, 2004. extremely quiet but still marked with his dramatic style and traditional aesthetics.

长度 length:21’30

这张唱片是FM3 2004年在东京的 Super Deluxe 的现场录音,这个如同充满禅意的花园一般的演出,所留下的那些细微空间足够安抚那些忙碌的心灵。那些长时间的沉默被一些小的细节表达出之后,异常迅速地逸出分离。Brian Eno 最近真的买了8个唱佛机吗?那么8个同时播放是什么效果呢?那么如果9个、10个、11个同时播放呢?你拥有的唱佛机的数目并不再重要?《喘颂》已经结束了吗?没有结束,难道不是这样吗?
(The Wire,第271期)

Recorded live at Tokyo’s Super Deluxe in 2004, this zen garden of a performance from Beijing based Christiaan Virant and Chinese keyboardist and computer musician Zhang Jian leaves plenty of space for the tiny thoughts that can disquiet the troubled mind. The long silences framed by small events and singularities very quickly start to teem with distractions. Did Brian Eno really buy eight Buddha machines recently? What do eight Buddha Machines sound like when played all at once?what about nine? Ten? 11? Is there a point at which it no longer matters how many you have? Is “Breathing Song” over yet? It isn’t, is it?
(Wire, issue 267)