不是音乐会 musiklos 1

sven-åke johansson;axel dörner;颜峻 yan jun;苏维埃波普 soviet pop;北京即兴委员会 beijing impro committee
2018-04-21/22:歌德学院 goethe institut beijing

记录 documents:
axel doerner + soviet pop: 腾讯; vimeo
北京即兴委员会 beijing impro committee: 腾讯; vimeo
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14:00 电影放映:蓝一会儿(中英字幕)(安托万·普朗作品)
16:00 座谈(导演、制片人、斯文-奥克·约翰森出席)

16:00 音乐会
北京即兴委员会 演奏 斯文-奥克·约翰森《电话黄页c》


april 21st
14:00 film screening: blue for a moment (antoine prum)
16:00 talk (with director, producer and sven)

april 22nd
16:00 concert
Axel Dörner + Soviet Pop
Beijing Impro Committee play Sven-Åke Johansson’s “Gesamtkatalog C”
Sven-Åke Johansson + Axel Dörner + Yan Yulong
Beijing Impro Committee (li qing, li weisi, wu qiong, yan yulong, zhao cong, zhu wenbo, ake, yan jun) “7 works”

address: Goethe Institu, Originality Square, 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing

住在柏林的卢森堡籍导演安托万·普朗(anoine prum),也是出版人。此前他拍摄、出版了关于英国自由即兴音乐场景的“take the dog for a walk”和关于自由爵士鼓手 sunny murray 的纪录片。
片中出现的多数现场的录音,由斯文-奥克·约翰森多年合作的录音师 adrew levine 担任。他是一位非常敏感又充满热情的声音专家。他让我们可以用耳朵看这部电影。
82分钟。即将出版含中文字幕的 dvd。

斯文-奥克·约翰森(Sven-Åke Johansson)

阿克瑟·兑尔纳(Axel Dörner)
他和Alexander von Schlippenbach、Sven-Åke Johansson等乐手有着长期合作。他的三重奏项目包括Contest of Pleasures (和John Butcher、Xavier Charles), TOOT (和Phil Minton、Thomas Lehn),以及和Paul Lovens、Kevin Drumm的三重奏等。

1989年出生于哈尔滨,现居北京。Chui Wan乐队成员,年轻一代摇滚和实验、即兴乐手里的活跃分子,与各种不同风格的音乐家以及舞者、剧场合作。作曲,也表演其他作曲家的作品。个人演奏计划通常是电提琴或原声提琴的即兴,最初沾染于长音、极简、迷幻及声响,不限于此。




about the concert series:
the name of this concert series is “musiklos”, in english “not music” or “release the music”.
with such a name we have the idea that name is not able to describe things. there are many things in the world have no name. perhaps more than the ones have name.
people have already spent too much time to argue if a work is art or a group of sound is music. but rose doesn’t has to know its own name. that’s totally fine if one think the sounds appear in this series are not music.
we hope to hear sound of contemporary world. which is a reality reflected by contemporary people through their own way. it’s not dream, nor imitation of any scape. it consoles nobody. it touches but not on emotions nor sentiments. it touches life of human being. it promises no othershore and protects no homeland which is dispersing. if today’s world is too complicated to be understood, it could echoes to our confusion at least. it insist to echo. it’s a kind of simple insistence.

“Blue For A Moment”
Blue for a Moment retraces the artistic career of the Berlin-based Swedish jazz musician, avant-garde composer, poet and visual artist Sven-Åke Johansson, one of the most singular and exciting figures in European improvised music.
Johansson (born 1943 in Mariestad) moved to Berlin in the late 1960s, where he has since been active in a variety of music and artistic contexts. His first performances took place in the context of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab on Hallesches Ufer, where young musicians and art students eagerly explored the boundaries between genres. In the 1970s and ’80s, he was a regular figure on the West Berlin Free Jazz scene that formed around the FMP/SÅJ label. Johansson has been cultivating longstanding musical friendships with Alexander von Schlippenbach and Rüdiger Carl, and “developed his own concept of noise music with which he became a forerunner of the Echtzeitmusikscene that emerged in the eastern part of Berlin after 1990 in the nexus between squats, free improvisation, punk and New Music” (Wolfgang Müller). In his performances and compositions, Johansson explores the musical relics of 1950s and ’60s modernism, often with the help of “cheap” materials such as cardboard or foam. The Austrian composer Peter Ablinger has termed this practice musica povera, in reference to Arte povera, which elevated everyday objects to art and promoted the use of unconventional or “poor” materials.
Influenced by the Fluxus movement and its experimental and anti-conformist approach, Johansson started deconstructing his own practice as a free-jazz drummer very early on. By transposing the libertarian principle of free music into other artistic fields and switching effortlessly between the roles of performer, artist, poet and composer, he undermined established genres and media and turned the jazz drummer into a Gesamtkunstwerk.
Starring Peter Ablinger, Burkhard Beins, Peter Brötzmann, Nicholas Bussmann, Rüdiger Carl, Axel Dörner, Norbert Eisbrenner, Aris Fioretos, Thomas Millroth, Andrea Neumann, Alexander von Schlippenbach a.m.o.

Sven-Åke Johansson
born in 1943 in Mariestad (Sweden), is one of the style-defining drummers of the German free jazz era of the 60s and 70s. From the 80s onwards, he pursued an artistic path largely independent of institutions and groups as a music performer in the circles of fine arts and new music. Among other things, more than fifty record releases, a number of music theater pieces, radio plays, pictorial works and a lively touring life are among his oeuvre.

Axel Dörner
trumpet, electronics, composition
Axel Dörner is one of the most unique voices in free improvisation. He developed a completely different language for the trumpet in the late 1990s. Most of the ensembles he is part of are characterized by a non-hierarchical collaboration of the musicians involved.
Axel Dörner was born in 1964 in Köln, Germany. In 1994 Dörner moved to Berlin. With Rudi Mahall on bass clarinet, Joachim Dette (bass) and Uli Jennessen (drums) he started the band Die Enttäuschung playing compositions of Thelonious Monk. In 1996 this quartet (with Jan Roder as a new bass player) was joined by Alexander von Schlippenbach and became the quintet named Monk’s Casino. Around that time Dörner also started collaborating in different formations with Sven-Åke Johansson, which continues until present time. In 1995 he started visiting London which led to collaborations with many musicians from the English scene. At the same time he also took part in performances all over Europe (and later New York) of “Requiem für einen jungen Dichter” by Bernd Alois Zimmermann. Parallel he continued his research on extended trumpet techniques and musical structures while working together with Robin Hayward, Andrea Neumann and Annette Krebs. In 1998 he visited Chicago for the first time and played, among others, with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Ken Vandermark and Hamid Drake. Other newly formed trios around that time were Contest of Pleasures (with John Butcher and Xavier Charles), TOOT (with Phil Minton and Thomas Lehn) and a trio with Paul Lovens and Kevin Drumm.
Since 2000 he is working on an electronic extension of his music on the trumpet (together with Sukandar Kartadinata).

Yan Yulong
1989, Born in Harbin,Live in Beijing. Frontman of neo-psycho rock band Chui Wan, actively working in Chinese younger generation of rock, experimental, improvisd music scenes. He collaborate with a variety of different styles of musicians,dancer,theater and composer. Individual plans are usually playing violin improvisation. Initially he played drone, minimalism and compose… is not limited thereto now.

Yan Jun
poet and musician. based in Beijing.
Soviet Pop
an analogue synthesizer and electronics duo formed by li qing and li weisi.

Beijing Impro Committee
(Li Qing, Li Weisi, Ake, Yan Yulong, Zhu Wenbo, Zhao Cong, Yan Jun)
An improvised music group in very loose form. each time when they perform they put different name before “Impro Committee”.
Since 2011 they performed many times on group improvisation, experimental composition, site specific work and music games, with different combinations and members.