sub jam 016 718 – 非攻 nowise assault

cd; gatefold; 2005



a music nova from Xinjiang. BA on electronics, synthesizer designer, musical instrument maker, laptop hypnotizer, creator of 10 albums of different genre music… he release two albums at once on Sub Jam and its Kwanyin Records: this vast and mighty electronica Nowise Assault and a subtle sound work An.

长度 length:59’28
设计 design:B6

曲目 track list:
01 审分 Examine and approve
02 君守 Musician in Ziarat
03 任数 Appoint eyes ear and heart
04 勿躬 Taoism or calm
05 知度 Whose best right
06 不二 Over and over again
07 慎势 Aluminum
08 执一 One / The Funeral Song Of Cosmos
bonus track: 怀宠 Like a Rex

718(被人称作电子音乐界的“爱因斯坦”)是一个在音乐界内外都非常活跃的重要人物。在精辟的 downtempo 和微妙的 ethnic 影响下,他的《非攻》描绘了一幅轻灵阴暗的氛围风景。“执一”这首作品使人联想到有趣的 Fax label 的艺人Tetsu Inoue。
“君守”的超长似乎是难以理喻的,但它却展示了718的对音乐结构的完美的控制能力,这个音乐结构是由逐渐变得厚重的音乐纹理与冲击力的细节所构成的。他给听众带来了深度催眠的聆听体验,但同时也是激烈的,并且很容易让人不断聆听。这些手法,应该是受到了 Richard H Kirk 的海地根源 Techno 的影响。(keith moline,The Wire杂志,257期)

718 (the “Einstein of electronica’, it says here) is otherwise known as Sun Lei, a central figure on the scene and a participant in various musical and non-musical projects. His work on Nowise Assault draws on both lighter and darker shades of Ambient, underpinned by incisive downtempo beats and subtle ethnic influences. “One/The Funeral Song Of The Cosmos” suggests one of the more interesting artists on the Fax label such as Tetsu Inoue. “Musician In Ziarat”, though absurdly overlong, nevertheless showcases 718’s perfectly controlled build-up of thickening textures and percussive detail, making for a deeply hypnotic listening experience, simultaneously intense and addictive in the manner of some of Richard H Kirk’s Haitian-influenced Techno.
——keith moline (the Wire, issue 257)