sub jam 011 王凡 – 无限反复 wang fan – infinite loop

2 cd; jewel case; joint release with adopin; 2003


中国式的极简派。对内在世界圆满的追求。CD 1:饱满。DC 2:微妙。《以身相许》是一首早期歌曲,简单的木吉他和环境音,诱惑的嗓音。

soundtrack and re-mix works for Kang He’s novel reciting event “Sparta”.
Chinese minimalism? yes, aim to a perfect inner cosmos. CD 1 is dramatically simple and full. CD 2 is experimental and subtle. Devote My Body To is his old song: lo-fi acoustic guitar and allure of singing.

长度 length:130’26

曲目 track list:
101,无标题 Untitled
102,无标题 Untitled
103,无标题 Untitled
104,无标题 Untitled
105,以身相许 Devote My Body To
201,无标题 Untitled
202,无标题 Untitled
203,无标题 Untitled