马进 Ma Jin;赵丛 Zhao Cong;刘心宇 Liu Xinyu


(本场演出将有刘心宇的最新配乐作品《Music For Daniel》发售;磁带,燥眠夜发行。)

马进,学生,现就读于南京大学声学所,研究音频信号与噪声控制。爱好制作以及改造简易发声装置,同时对算法作曲也保持着兴趣。参与过声音学术网站Sonorous presence的设计,是声音艺术/科技交流活动Sounleaks的发起人之一。这次的演出会偏向硬件。

赵丛,小红与小小红、不在话下乐队成员。2015年开始做独奏表演。 https://site.douban.com/zhaocong/

刘心宇,生于北京。北京实验音乐演出组织“燥眠夜”和“密集音乐节”的常客。08年启动自己的吉他独奏计划, 出于对吉他回授与共振的痴迷,他首次演出便用30分钟不停断的大音量吉他啸叫吵走了场地内每一名观众。近年来他将对回授的注意力逐渐转移到调音台反馈上,告别了大音量噪音,更加关注细微的声音。现主要使用无输入调音台和他自制的声音装置去探索来自微观世界的声响。他同时也是ChuiWan和致命摇篮死乐队中的一员。
参与出版物:《燥眠夜第一百场纪念》(燥眠夜出版),吉他即兴合辑《手艺》(Sub Jam出版),与闫玉龙合作的《迷幻》(Sub Jam出版)

June 29th, 2016; pm 7:00 door open, pm 8:00 start sharp
Meridian Space (C&C Park, 77 MeishuguanHoujie, Dongcheng, Beijing)
suggested donation: 50 rmb

(during this concert Liu Xinyu will has his new cassette launch. a theatre soundtrack work: Music For Daniel. a Zoomin’ Night production.)

Ma Jin
Jin Ma (Marvin), student, now studying in the Acoustics Institute, Nanjing University, research focused on audio signal and noise control. Mainly interested in building or modifying little sound devices, also had a hobby in algorithm composing. Particpated in the design of academic sound website ‘Sonorous Presence’ and being the co-organizer of sound art/tech event ‘Soundleaks’. Performance will be hardware-oriented.

Zhao Cong
Zhao Cong, member of Xiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong, Not in Catalong. Solo performance from 2015.

Liu Xinyu
Liu Xinyu, born in Beijing. Regular participant in Beijing’s Zoomin’ Night and MIJI experimental music performance series. In 2008, he started a project of solo guitar performance. The first time he performed, due to his enthusiasm for feedback and resonance, he succeeded in expelling every single audience member from the room with 30 minutes of non-stop, earsplitting guitar noise. In recent years, Liu Xinyu has gradually shifted his attention from guitar to no-input mixer as a source of feedback. Instead of earsplitting noise, he pays more attention to subtle sound. Currently, he mainly uses no-input mixer feedback and self-made sound installations to explore micro sound worlds. He is also currently a member of Beijing bands Chui Wan and Deadly Cradle Death.
Liu Xinyu’s works have appeared in: Zoomin’ Night 100 Shows (Zoomin’ Night), Shouyi (Sub Jam), and Awaking (with Yan Yulong, Sub Jam).