sub jam 009 ismu (intelligent shanghai mono university) – 7.9

cdr; jewel case; 2003

微店; bandcamp

I.S.M.U. 是上海四位艺术家的临时组合,由B6主持。作为中国最重要的电子音乐人,DJ和制作人,B6曾经是一位活跃的地下实验乐手。这张唱片里,有各式各样的电子碎片和寂静:IDM,流行乐采样,数字杂音。一张空灵,机智而且前卫的高水准作品。

I.S.M.U. is an one-off line-up curated by B6 with other 3 Shanghai artists. as an international acclaimed electronic musician, DJ and producer, B6 was a super active figure in China’s underground / experimental scene. in this album, there are fragments of IDM, samples of pop songs, digital glich and silence. it is smart and experimental.

长度 | length:60’04
设计 | design:B6

曲目 | track list:
01, in the room with snow
02, lunch time story
03, [萧冗]
04, tunes by
05, mei bar line
06, blue ending
07, k.l.p.l.
08, sand
09, [木虫]
10, mail works
11, m4
12, m1
13, m3
14, m2

music by: B6, cy, SUSUXX, ZOOJOO