sub jam 008 panda twin – the man who hate the shadow

cd; jewel case; 2002

微店; bandcamp

Panda Twin 就是 SULUMI,也就是孙大威,中国独立音乐场景中的重要角色。他于2003年创立山水唱片,成为新一代独立电子乐的领军人物。这是他的第一张专辑,有着强烈的数码硬核倾向,暴躁、热情,同时也融入了丰富的折衷主义元素。

panda twin aka sulumi, Sun Dawei, is one of the most important figures of china’s indie/electronic music scene. he established Shanshui label in 2003. this is his debut album. dark, young and angry but also eclectic.

长度 | length:44’42
设计 | design:opi studio

曲目 | track list:
01, drugs
02, jettison yourself
03, demos. devil
04, 120 second
05, dance in the darkness
06, doctrine dark vs skullomania
07, anarchism fucking proleariate
08, eat the history
09, big hole
10, the destroyer 2002
11, i know fuck you is a game