密集音乐会 miji concert 27

李剑鸿 li jianhong;李青 li qing;颜峻 yan jun


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自上世纪90年代末以来,他是第二层皮乐队、D!O!D!O!D!乐队组建者,另参与组建Mind Fiber、VagusNerve等组合。
他是独立厂牌第二层皮唱片(2pi Records)主持 。自2003年-2007年,每年策划和主持先锋音乐节“第二层皮音乐节(2pi festival)”,这是当时中国最重要的先锋音乐节之一。2011年,和VAVABOND共同创办以推广中国即兴音乐为主的新厂牌C.F.I Records。
目前已在PSF、Utech、Archive、Sub Rosa和2pi等厂牌推出近30张个人、合作和合集作品,发行国家和地区包括中国、美国、日本、比利时、俄罗斯、法国、秘鲁和香港等。

她是活跃在北京xp俱乐部的新音乐场景中的一员。也曾多次参加密集音乐会、密集音乐节、作为“即兴委员会”成员参加“客厅巡演”和其他演出,曾与Axel Doener、Lionel Marchetti、Sachiko M、碧丽霞等乐手,以及程然等艺术家合作。
苏维埃波普 & Tim Blachmann
苏维埃波普 & Olaf Horhherz

也是 FEN 和茶博士五重奏乐队成员。

August 6th, 2015; pm 7:00 door open, pm 8:00 start sharp
Meridian Space (C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing)
suggested donation: 50 rmb
Yan Jun will perform his Noise Hypnotizing project. Pls bring your own headphone/earphone if you have any. In case you don’t have we will prepare some Shanzhai ones (which may not sound perfect).

Li Jianhong
Li Jianhong is a Chinese free improv guitarist and a leading figure in mainland China’s free improvisation music scene. His involvement in China’s experimental / noise / avant-garde culture started from the late 1990s, during which he was the founder of one of the earliest experimental/noise/avant-garde music label 2pi Records and later the label C.F.I, and also members of groups such as Second Skin, D!O!D!O!D!, Pisces Iscariots, VagusNerve and Mind Fiber. He also curated noise / sound art / Avant-garde music festival “2pi Festival” annually from 2003 to 2007, which was one of the most important festivals in the early development stage of China’s experiment, noise and avant-garde music. During the same period, he also curated series performances and gigs named “Home Violence”. In 2011, he cofound a new label “C.F.I” with VAVABOND, which delicates to promoting China free improvised music.
Over the years, Li Jianhong has always dabbled his feet in different genres, never resting on his laurels as an extreme purveyor of guitar drones. His style skillfully transfers among free improvised music, noise and psychedelic. Since 2008, he began to explore new directions under the name of “environment improvisation in the co-relationships between environment and performing. Besides his solo projects, his activities mainly involves with the band VagusNerve and the duo Mind Fiber.
By now, Li Jianhong has released almost 30 albums in labes such as PSF, Utech, Post-concrete, Archive,Sub Rosa and 2pi Records, which covers countries and regions such as China, the United States, Japan, Belguim, Russia, France and Hong Kong.

Li Qing
She is member of Beijing based electro-acoustic duo Soviet Pop, noisecore duo Rat “The Spy” 51 and rock band Snapline.
She is part of the young generation of Beijing new music scene acts around xp club. Has often attended Miji Concert, Miji Festival, joined “living room tour” as members of Impro Committee. She has collaborated with Axel Doener, Lionel Marchetti, Sachiko M and Blixa Bargeld, among others.
Soviet Pop & Tim Blachmann
Soviet Pop & Olaf Horhherz

Yan Jun
Yan Jun, a musician. Born in Lanzhou in 1973. Based in Beijing.
His activities involved to improvised music, field recording and site-specific sound works/events. His feedback improvisation set always following the unstable relationship between microphones, speakers, the space and his own body movement. He has often playing with the environment and fund objects at audiences’ home, along or with other artists, as Living Room Tour project. His Micro Feedback project is a headphone noise hypnotizing for small amount of audiences.
He is member of FEN, Tea Rockers Quintet and Impro Committee.
He has performed in more than 20 countries in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. As poet and artist he has attended Rotterdam International Poetry Festival, Berlin International Poetry Festival and Shanghai Biennale.