kwanyin 026 海尔默·谢弗 – 作为语言的噪音 helmut schäfer – noise as a language

cd + book; 64 pages; 2008

微店; bandcamp




海尔默·谢弗 – 北九州当代艺术中心讲座记录
兹比格涅夫·卡科夫斯基 – 他的死是某种宣言

设计 |design:阮千瑞 | Ruan Qianrui

曲目 | track list
1,深思 31’01 | thought provoking
2,05年12月未发表作品 36’26 | unreleased 12 05

“So the point is that so much words existing, and we get better and better to use them for hiding the truth. You can use sound in the same way, stimulating some nice and warm feeling in middle of chaos, but from time to time we all should stimulate strictness, clearness, intensity, directness, set free some anger to bring up the basic truth of our present. Noise can be seen as the chance to go into the back of things, as a therapy which is able to confront ourselves with others lesser good looking sides of life without getting frustrated by this. See it as a source of very special energies, it gives power to see more clear and swim against.”
(Noise As A Language – Helmut Schäfer)

Austrian sound artist Helmut Schäfer had visit Beijing in November 2003 for Sounding Beijing festival. His performance, which was short but gorgeous, made audience a great impression. Thus he received many Chinese sound artists and promoters as friend. he ended his life in April 2007. At that time he had just confirmed to release this album and attend Mini Midi Festival 2008.

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Helmut Schäfer – CCA Kitakyushu Lecture
Zbigniew Karkowski – His Death Is A Kind Of Statement