密集音乐会 miji concert 19

鹿和舞踏 deer and butoh:hans koch + christian müller + silber ingold;杜昱枋 du yufang;颜峻 yan jun;闫玉龙 yan yulong


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10月2日;4 pm / 6 pm / 9 pm(三场,各限定30名观众);每场 50 元,在线40元(购2或3场票可获赠1或2张CD)

DEER 来自瑞士比尔。由Hans Koch(1948),Christian Müller(1971)和Silber Ingold(1960)三位低音单簧管和电子乐器演奏者组成。他们是瑞士爵士、实验和即兴音乐圈的活跃分子。以三重奏形式出现时,他们演奏低音单簧管,将其采样和重新处理,形成强烈的极简长音。同时也和不同乐手合作,以原声和电子方式即兴演奏。

(DEER 中国巡演由瑞士文化基金会资助)

2010年底师从日本元老级舞踏家桂勘,担任助理教学共同开展舞踏项目。作为独立舞者,几年来游历各国,与世界各地音乐家、视觉艺术家、舞踏艺术家进行创作。在亚洲和欧洲开展独舞专场演出。2012年她创建【元初舞踏】,作为策划组织者,她邀请多国舞踏艺术家开展创作工作坊及文化交流项目。2014年她创建“舞踏·白狐系”【White Fox Butoh】基于工作坊伙伴,寻找有趣的身体,在编创当代新舞踏作品中探索亚洲身份。

也是 FEN 和茶博士五重奏乐队成员。

闫玉龙,1989年出生,现居北京。Chui Wan乐队成员,年轻一代摇滚和实验、即兴乐手里的活跃分子,与各种不同风格的音乐家以及舞蹈工作者、剧场合作,作曲。个人演奏计划通常是电提琴或原声提琴的即兴,最初沾染于长音、极简、迷幻及声响,不限于此。

October 2nd; 4 pm / 6 pm / 9 pm (three sets, 30 seats per set); rmb 50 or 40 online for each set (buy tickets for 2 or 3 sets get 1 or 2 free CD)
Meridian Space (C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing)

The trio DEER explores the miscellaneous sound colours of the bass clarinet and the different manners of playing it. Equipped with all kinds of electronic devices and effects, the three musicians take a close look at the sound and search for new depth in the interaction of the acoustic tone and the electronic way of examining it. In extension of the conceptual approach the trio also allows elements of improvisation in its play, thus connecting strictness with interacting freshness and stylistic playfulness.
About the piece and release ‘One’ by DEER: One single Note of a bass clarinet, played three times, calm and quietly breathing. This is the source of and by DEER, the raw material, which finds step by step its way through a bunch of electronic devices. At first hardly audible, then more and more intense, layer by layer is added to the sound. Small sound miniatures are processed by additional devices and one after another the soundslayers are piled up to a massive, complex soundsculpture. From one single note arises a hypnotic, oscillating wall of sound – psychedelic, minimalistic, exhilarating beautiful.
DEER is the bass clarinet players Hans Koch (1948), Christian Müller (1971) and Silber Ingold (1960), three prominent heads of the experimental music scene of Biel, Switzerland. Their playful interest in electro¬acoustic experiments is not only leading to filigree sound architecture, but also to heavy and dark soundscapes.

DEER 中国巡演由瑞士文化基金会资助 DEER China tour is supported by Prohelvetia

DU Yufang
Born in Beijing, Du Yufang received her BA in Art Communication at Beijing Dance Academy. She met Katsura Kan became to her physical mentor in the end of 2010. Then as the assistant of teaching and creative partner, she seeking the body beyond the category of physical explanation.
In 2012 she started 【Top to Toe Butoh】. As the organizer, Du invited artists’ workshops, Butoh Festival and multi-cultural projects in various cities. As an independent dancer, she performed her solo performances, also impromptu with local musicians in Asian and Europe. Cross-border collaborations include those with artists from drama, sculpture, music, fine arts, cinema, and so on.
In 2014, Now she starts 【White Fox Butoh】, based on Chinese paintings, myths, Kun-opera and other traditional cultures. Looking for mysterious and unknown part of the body, seeking the freedom beyond the category of physical explanation, explores Asian identity in creating contemporary new Butoh work.

Yan Jun, born in Lanzhou. based in Beijing.
He plays improvised music and makes field recording. His works involve in electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, noise and organizing. His feedback improvisation set always following the unstable relationship between microphones, speakers, the space and his own body movement.
he is member of FEN, Tea Rockers Quintet and Impro Committee.
He has toured in US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Often play at audiences’ living rooms and use the specific space and objects as instruments (Living Room Tour project). His Micro Feedback project is a headphone hypnotizing for small amount of audience.

Yan Yulong, 1989/ Peking. Member of neo-psycho rock band Chui Wan, Activists of the younger generation rock /experimental/ improvisation musicians in China. He collaborate with a variety of different styles of musicians and butoh dancer/documentary theater /avant-garde composer. Individual plans are usually playing electric/acoustic violin improvisation. Initially playing by drone/ minimalist /modern composition/is not limited thereto now.