kwanyin 050 奥拉夫·豪赫兹 – 观看 olaf hochherz – watching

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 100 copies; 2013



“Watching” displays a landscape consisting of half-animals. A conjunction of the wish to mime animals and the development of mimicking machines. A result of the memory of the sounding of the environment and the cheeping of a feedback. A landscape created to be observed, created only inside of a blurry apparatus. A game with the affection to things and animals: animal-voice transmissions. Singing computers creating half-animals, which are deliberate created occurrences, resembling nature, or creating a nature, or recreate our notion of nature.

01, watching 42’33”

Brian Olewnick:
“Half-animals” is how Hochherz describes the creatures he’s created here. The uninformed listener may wonder if he’s listening to especially clear and pristine field recordings of insect, amphibian and bird life or if it’s an entirely electronic construct. I think the latter though I’m not sure the sounds, or some of them, don’t have an ultimate genesis in the analog world. In any case, we’re presented with some 42 minutes of these sounds, varying about as much or little as one might encounter near a pond at night, chirruping along at a low level, quite individuated, with the random odd sound or momentary increase in volume. It slips easily into whatever your ambient environment happens to be, unassuming, just slightly alien, a gentle forest of electronic crickets and peepers. Strangely satisfying, somehow more so than many a “real” field recording.