kwanyin 049 提姆·布莱希曼+玛努艾尔·科纳普 – 无题89号 tim blechmann + manuel knapp – untitled 89

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 100 copies; 2013



manuel knapp: analog electronics
tim blechmann: digital electronics

01, untitled 89 48’26”

Brian Olewnick:
When last heard from (by me), only a couple of months back, mssrs. Blechmann and Knapp had produced a work titled “VIII”, a lengthy, droning surge that was ok if a bit thin in substance. This one has some of that feeling, but more structural variation and more reverberant, vibratory kind of sound. I just happened to have rewatched ‘Stalker’ for the third time the other evening; not sure if I would have attached a Stalker-ish aspect to this music had I not but, well, you could do worse for comparisons. It’s bleakly industrial, a barely functioning factory in the wee hours, sluggishly in motion, lights barely flickering. It combusts now and then, sizzles for a bit, subsides. Blechmann and Knapp do a really good job reining in any potentially showoff-y or spectacular urges, keeping things multiple shades of gray, richly layered. Good job, strong work.