kwanyin 043 提姆·布莱希曼 – 音色 tim blechmann – timbre

cdr; mini kwanyin series; 98 copies; 2011


01 timbre 41’19 | 音色

乐器:电脑,二支结构振动传感器(structure-borne driver),一只鼓,二支话筒

realized with computer, 2 structure-borne drivers, a drum and two microphones

thanks to: manuel knapp, bernhard breuer and seijiro murayama.

review by watchful ear
review by Brian Olewnick:
A single 41 minute piece, steady-state, featuring a hollow drone, vaguely metallic, with multiple striations within. Midway through, grainier elements seep in, bits of detritus rolling around in a great, windswept tube. Not sure of the recoding date here; it’s similar to other ventures in this neck of the woods but really well done at that, enough that I don’t find it particularly tired or cliched. Good focus, good attention to detail, nice sense of forward thrust. As can be seen in the cover graphic, the volume gradually swells; also, the clatter increases as well as some deeply buried harmonics. Enjoyable piece.