kwanyin y002 jean jacques palix, david coulter, yan jun – 雅集2 yaji 2

cd; paper sleeve; 2008

Jean Jacques Palix 是法国老一代电子音乐家;David Coulter 是跨越工业(Test Dept)、摇滚(Pogues)、古典(Kronos Quartet)和流行乐领域(Tom Waits、Leonard Cohen、Nick Cave)的英国音乐家,他演奏了钢琴和口弦;颜峻是活跃的中国实验乐手,在这场演出中他使用了音叉和效果器。

Live at The 64, Paris, 19 May 2007
Jean Jacques Palix is a respectable French electro-acoustic musician of the old generation; David Coulter is a brilliant British musician and instrumentalist who had collaborated with many genres of musicians from industrial (Test Dept), rock (Pogues), classical (Kronos Quartet)to pop (Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave). he played piano and jaw’s harp; Yan Jun is an active Chinese experimental musician. he use sound forks and pedals in this concert.

设计 | design:阮千瑞 | Ruan Qianrui
摄影 | photo:Suzanne Nagy
感谢 | thanx: Eric Maurin for sound recording and Eve Couturier

曲目 | track list:
1. 7’53”

2. 11’16”
3. 8’59”
4. 17’32”

Jean Jacques Palix
David Coulter
Yan Jun