kwanyin 039 阮千瑞 – 毁烬蓝图 ruan qianrui – burned blue print

design book; 18x24cm; 260 pages; four-color printing; 2011

微店; bandcamp

海报涉及水陆观音,Mini Midi音乐节,王凡,颜峻,FM3,李劲松,巫娜,小河,林其蔚,车前子,李剑鸿,Zbigniew Karkowski,C.C.C.C.,William Basinski,Justice Yeldham,Carl Stone,大友良英,Sachiko M,Fred Frith……唱片封套:万晓利,宋雨哲,万能青年旅店,折磨护士,李增辉……

poster and album designs for experimental music.
Ruan Qianrui, joined China’s most active experimental music/sound collective Sub Jam in 2006.
involved to Waterland Kwanyin, Mini Midi Festival, Wang Fan, Yan Jun, FM3, Dickson Dee, Wu Na, Xiao He, Lin Chiwei, Che Qianzi, Li Jianhong, Zbigniew Karkowski, C.C.C.C., William Basinski, Justice Yeldham, Carl Stone, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Fred Frith… and album design for Wan Xiaoli, Song Yuzhe, Ominipotent Youth Society, Tortuing Nurse, Li Zenghui…


reviw by Robin Peckham

self preface by Ruan Qianrui:
In 2001, when I started to focus on the graphic design of ‘dakou’ disks, I could already hack a web server successfully. I wrote a article satirizing the white collar class on the index page. At that time, some friends and I were thinking about how to write a business plan to get money from venture investors. We wanted to be rich and to change the world when we were pretty young. On that plan, my title was Chief Technology Officer, the CTO, I used a fake university education history. Our crew wanted to shock the world at that time. Even though we failed, I am still proud of myself for that first attempt.
5 years after that, I was interested in music but I didn’t have a band. I learned banner design and marketing skills at an advertising agency. I knew how to speculate a lot, touch up a project, use money to control media. I understood the times. At that time, the number of millionaires and successful business people was bigger than the number of rockers in the “Happy Paradise”. But during that period of time, I didn’t make it. I didn’t become a millionaire, I didn’t become a hacker, I didn’t become a rocker…
But, if I want to say something of my personally history, this is exactly the rudiment of Sub Jam / Kwanyin and the Waterland Kwanyin concert series, the rudiment of my will.
In 2006, I sent a letter to Yan Jun. I said that I wanted to design his posters and record covers. I wanted it to be my art work. So now, I have already collected all this work myself. Even though it’s now in this book, I feel it’s not quite a complete work. Looking over the whole process, I think I’m still not a qualified designer. But this book makes sense for me. I ‘m proud of myself because of this actually.

preface by Yan Jun: The Frozen Sea
interview by Pangbianr with more pictures
review by Robin Peckham